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Isnin, 20 Februari 2012

ghost rider spirit of vengeance

tarikh : 20 Februari 2012
masa : 5.00petang - 6.45petang
tempat : leisure mall (gsc)
harga : RM10.00

Director: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Ciarán Hinds and Idris Elba, Christopher Lambert, James Remar, Violante Placido, Johnny Whitworth and Fergus Riordan

Synopsis: Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider, hides in remote Eastern Europe and struggles to repress his curse. Blaze is recruited by a sect to take on the devil, who wants to take over his mortal son's body on the boy's birthday.

noted : cerita agak simple.. ok laaa... =)...


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