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Khamis, 21 Julai 2011

LSN Open Day...

For all Sewing Lovers out there, grab your desired sewing machine at your desired price! Discounts up to 50% and also Cash Rebates on selected items!!

Hurry up! Visit us and grab your desired sewing machine with SPECIAL PRICE OFFER during 23rd and 24th of July 2011 (Saturday & Sunday). YES! Two days ONLY!! Be here to check out the promotional items and stand a chance to win JL 308 Home Sewing Machine worth RM 899!!!
All sewing lovers who attend our Open Day will be entitled for Lucky Draw with exciting sewing accessories upon registration. On top of that, a packet of Chocolate Chips Cookies will be given too in conjunction on one of the biggest festive season (Hari Raya) in Malaysia!!
Only ONE unit of JL 308 sewing machine is available for lucky draw so what are you still waiting forJoin us for the Celebration and be the one who grab a FREE sewing machine home!
Again, it’s only for TWO days! Do not miss out this chance to get your desired machine at your desired price. Come meet our friendly and professional staffs to get the best deal with detailed explanation of the functions, specifications, operations of sewing machine and of course demonstration of machine! Be prepared to see the 
advancement of sewing and embroidery machine; you will be impressed! =)

Teringin hendak pergi, hendak servey2 harga. Kalau murah, boleh terus beli tu pun kalau duit mencukupi.. Emm..tapi macam tidak boleh je.. Susahnya kalau gaji takuk itu je, tidak ada OT.. Kalau boleh OT, sudah lama aku buat OT.. Aku memerlukan duit untuk kawennnn... Waahhh...sungguh tension jika memikirkan tentang duit.. Semoga rezeki aku sentiasa ada.. amin...


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