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Isnin, 26 Disember 2011

Sherlock Holmes : A game of shadows

Tarikh : 24 Disember 2011
Masa : 9.00malam - 11.20malam
Tempat : IOI Mall (gsc)
Harga : RM11.00

Director: Guy Ritchie
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams

Synopsis: Sherlock and Watson face arch-nemesis Professor Moriaty, who is conspiring to make a fortune at the expense of the rest of the world. As Sherlock and Watson unravel the dastardly plot as they travel across Europe, they unlock Moriaty's secret- the manufacturing of next-generation weapons. Sherlock and Watson must stop this great threat before Moriarty succeeds in provoking a World War.

komen saya : Best... =)..


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